Ruckman has been known to mock preachers whose pictures show up repeatedly in the same publication. Case in point: "… never published an issue without presenting you with a picture of himself a minimum of four times! … That is …

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Ruckman’s superstition

Is Peter Ruckman superstitious? We will list the evidence and allow it to speak for itself. We will then end with an admission from Ruckman himself to remove all doubt.

Examples of superstition regarding numbers

King James (nine letters), 1611

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Collection of quotes expressing concern over Ruckmanism

These quotes were collected from various sources as documented. Some of the books contain a position favoring modern translations we do not endorse, but nonetheless they contain valuable statements warning about Ruckmanism.

Excelling in ad hominem arguments, Ruckman spares no

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Critique of the new Ruckman Reference Bible

The Ruckman Reference Bible (hereafter RRB), highly anticipated among Ruckmanites, was published in November of 2009. The introduction to the RBB itself states that "It has been a long time coming and long awaited by many Bible believers." Ruckman had arrogantly promised that: …

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