Ruckman’s teaching on inspiration is confusing and hard to follow

Several years ago we wrote Ruckman’s self-serving interpretation for 2 Timothy 3:16. This is essentially part two of that article.

Spoken, not written

One of Ruckman’s unusual views of inspiration is that it has to do with speaking, not …

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Is this Ruckman’s favorite person to talk about?

When reading Ruckman's literature we cannot help but wonder if he himself is his favorite person to talk about. One does not have to search long among Ruckman's writings to encounter extended mentions of his personal feats, exploits, achievements, experiences and …

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Analyzing Peter Ruckman: Some random thoughts and unanswered questions

This article will be different from others, as it consists of random thoughts that may be revised and organized in the future in a more orderly fashion. This website was started as a way to put forth rough draft portions of …

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Ruckman’s amazing admissions in light of his KJV inerrancy teachings

At we believe it is proper to refer to the KJV as trustworthy, reliable, proven and faithful but not infallible, inspired or inerrant, which are terms to be reserved for the original manuscripts. We explain the reasons in The KJV

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Ruckman’s disdain for the original manuscripts of the Bible

What are Ruckman’s views on the original manuscripts of the Bible? Are they Biblical, and do they reflect conservative theological views? In some previous articles, we analyzed various issues that have a bearing on his views on the originals:

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Peter Ruckman on the superiority of the English language

It cannot be denied that in several ways English has gradually become a dominant language over the years. Its dominance is noteworthy in areas of technology, commerce, transportation, medicine, etc. The increased dominance of the English language around the world …

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Is Ruckmanism a cult?

It is understood that the term “cult” is often used in a vague sense without a standard definition. Some of the most extreme cults require living in a communal setting, control over personal decisions, cutting ties with family, among other …

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Peter Ruckman reveals the only reason he did not join the KKK, but otherwise agrees with everything they say

"The Ku Klux Klan’s like that. I’ll tell you why I never joined the Ku Klux Klan. It’s because they’re anti-semitic. And that’s the only reason I didn’t join. [laughs heartily] I mean, I agree with everything else they say. …

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Peter Ruckman’s claim that he did not change his convictions from the day he was ordained

"Now, what you’ll hear about this place is that it’s a cult, and of course, that’s just nonsense. We are Bible-believing Baptists, and I am the pastor of a local Bible-believing Baptist church. I am an ordained Southern Baptist minister, …

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Ruckman making totally impossible claims

It is not unusual for Peter Ruckman to stretch the limits of credulity in the many questionable claims he makes in his writings and audio teachings. On this occasion, we have selected four examples for your consideration.

Impossible claim #1.

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Astonishing things Ruckman claims to know that no one else can find in the Bible

Throughout our painful journey reading Ruckman’s writings, we took note of various matters of interest. He is essentially claiming to find what no one else has been able to find in the Scriptures. When he made reference to a certain …

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Ruckman’s Variable Salvation Dispensationalism

In this article we will not deal with many aspects or even the background and definition of Dispensationalism, but rather attempt to inform the reader of Peter Ruckman's views on the matter and to differentiate it from traditional forms of …

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Ruckman: “Jesus was so constituted that He could have sinned if He desired”

Another Peter Ruckman view that should raise eyebrows is his affirmations that Christ was capable of sinning (otherwise known as peccability). We are not alleging that Ruckman is the originator of this view, as Charles Hodge (1797-1878), famous for his …

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Ruckman’s unbiblical spiritual circumcision teaching

One of Peter Ruckman’s many unusual teachings that seem to have originated with him is what he terms “spiritual circumcision.” Even though he does not dedicate an entire book or pamphlet to it, he mentions it relatively often. Ruckmanites are …

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A brief example of Ruckman attempting to elevate himself over all Bible scholars

In his book Ruckman’s Bible References, Peter Ruckman presents the following assumption about the supposed inability of others to understand or interpret Zechariah 3:2:

The passage lies uncommented on by the faculty and staff of every major, “recognized” Christian

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A brief example of what Ruckman hysterically calls “Satanic Bible teaching”

Psalm 122:1 is a verse commonly used to encourage church attendance. It states: I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the LORD. 

Peter Ruckman, who loves to stir up controversy, lives …

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Pentecostal-like mayhem in Ruckmanland

This video is at Peter Ruckman's church, and is purported to be from the 2015 “Bad Attitude Blowout”. What it manifests is outright foolishness that is a disgrace to the cause of Christ, and makes a mockery of Christianity. Why …

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An evaluation of Ruckman’s denials of a pre-Christian Septuagint

It is not our intention to reach a final conclusion on the various debates surrounding the Septuagint, as it is not our area of expertise. Our main goal is to analyze the arguments Peter Ruckman uses in declaring there never …

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Is Ruckman an expert on manuscript evidence? A review of his Handbook of Manuscript Evidence

The Christian’s Handbook of Manuscript Evidence was first published in 1970, then republished in 1997. The 1997 reprint was in a new format, resulting in page numbers not matching, but the textual data was not updated. Unless otherwise noted, all …

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Ruckman’s fairy tale of space travel and reproduction in heaven

One of Peter Ruckman’s teachings is so outlandish that we didn’t hesitate to refer to it as a fairy tale in the title of the article. Ruckman’s views on this topic are very strange and hard to follow, but in …

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