Ruckman’s vicious ungodly language

Most who have read even a small sampling of Peter Ruckman’s literature do not need convincing that Ruckman’s language can often be outrageous and unbecoming of someone who considers himself to be born again, let alone a pastor who trains preachers. …

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Ruckman’s view of the KJV translators

Considering that Ruckman teaches that the KJV translators' product is infallible, an examination of his views concerning them is in order. His views may surprise you. We will document our conclusions straight from Ruckman's own writings. Ruckman's teaching that the …

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What Ruckman admits to

During rare moments of introspection, Ruckman sometimes admits what could not be denied. We provide these quotes here because many Ruckman defenders will adamantly deny what Ruckman has actually admitted to in print.

Ruckman admits that he is one of

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Is Ruckman Arrogant?

Is Peter Ruckman arrogant? His supporters say no. Geneha Kim in Ruckmanism Ruckus assures everyone that "Dr. Ruckman is not a prideful person claiming to be the final authority in the world." (p. 82). Perhaps to quell some concerns, in 1976 Ruckman …

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Semi-Ruckmanism and its dangers

Semi-Ruckmanism defined

What is semi-Ruckmanism? Simply put, it consists of teaching some of the same "Ruckmanisms" while using different terminology than Ruckman and claiming all along to be against Ruckmanism. In other words, semi-Ruckmanite views refer to reaching some of the same controversial conclusions as …

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