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Ruckman’s teaching on inspiration is confusing and hard to follow

Several years ago we wrote Ruckman’s self-serving interpretation for 2 Timothy 3:16. This is essentially part two of that article.

Spoken, not written

One of Ruckman’s unusual views of inspiration is that it has to do with speaking, not …

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Ruckman’s fairy tale of space travel and reproduction in heaven

One of Peter Ruckman’s teachings is so outlandish that we didn’t hesitate to refer to it as a fairy tale in the title of the article. Ruckman’s views on this topic are very strange and hard to follow, but in …

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Ruckman defenders and their good fruit argument analyzed by the Scriptures

One of the frequent ways in which Ruckman defenders try to change the subject is by bringing up the “good fruit” argument. It goes something like this (taken from an actual comment submitted to this website): “Ruckman has hundreds of …

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Ruckman’s horrible inconsistencies: The case of Clarence Larkin

No human being is perfectly consistent, but mere lack of consistency is not the point of contention in this article. We are referring to an inconsistency that is mind-boggling, considering the cultic following Ruckman has. As an example of his …

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KJV inerrancy and the ignorance factor in history: Critique of Joey Faust’s book The Word: God Will Keep It

Those who teach that the infallibility of the KJV was an established teaching in past centuries long before Ruckman, including the first half of the twentieth century, have come up with some quotes to attempt to bolster their claims. An …

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Ruckman’s vicious ungodly language

Most who have read even a small sampling of Peter Ruckman’s literature do not need convincing that Ruckman’s language can often be outrageous and unbecoming of someone who considers himself to be born again, let alone a pastor who trains preachers. …

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Ruckman’s attempt to vindicate his name-calling with Scripture

He that hath no rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken down, and without walls. (Prov. 25:28)

On numerous occasions Peter Ruckman appeals to Scripture in an attempt to justify his outrageous name-calling. It …

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Ruckman teaching that the KJV can correct the Greek (including the TR)

One of Peter Ruckman’s teachings that often goes ignored consists of teaching that the KJV can correct the main source its New Testament came from—the Textus Receptus (TR). Since there are some cases when the KJV does not follow the …

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Ruckman’s view of the KJV translators

Considering that Ruckman teaches that the KJV translators' product is infallible, an examination of his views concerning them is in order. His views may surprise you. We will document our conclusions straight from Ruckman's own writings. Ruckman's teaching that the …

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Outline of common mistakes people make regarding Ruckmanism

1. Thinking Ruckmanites are historic Baptists. Teaching double inspiration, advanced revelation, that the KJV corrects the Greek and is superior to it, works salvation after the rapture, etc., is not historic Baptist teaching.

2. Thinking all Ruckmanites are uneducated. Perhaps many …

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Ruckman’s July 2011 periodical says salvation by grace through faith in both Testaments is “anti-biblical heresy of the worst sort”

Here is the paragraph in which he said it to provide some context:

Never mind the dumbbells like the ones listed above; they don’t know about what they are talking. To say that salvation was “by grace . . .

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Ruckman’s sensational characterization of demons

Peter Ruckman claims to know the size and shape of demons. He teaches that Christians can get infested with them at any time, and that those who believe there is one devil but many demons are apostates. Notice what he alleges …

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Ruckman treating modern translations as if they were Satanic Bibles

At we do not endorse any modern translations. Although the main purpose of this website is not for exposing other translations, we are concerned about the proliferation of translations and we do provide a list of literature on the …

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Timeline of major events in the life of Peter S. Ruckman

With few exceptions, this timeline is formed entirely from statements from the writings of Peter Ruckman (especially his autobiography). Some dates are tentative because at times we found differents dates for the same event in different books. We used an asterick (*) …

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What Ruckman admits to

During rare moments of introspection, Ruckman sometimes admits what could not be denied. We provide these quotes here because many Ruckman defenders will adamantly deny what Ruckman has actually admitted to in print.

Ruckman admits that he is one of

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Is Ruckman Arrogant?

Is Peter Ruckman arrogant? His supporters say no. Geneha Kim in Ruckmanism Ruckus assures everyone that "Dr. Ruckman is not a prideful person claiming to be the final authority in the world." (p. 82). Perhaps to quell some concerns, in 1976 Ruckman …

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Semi-Ruckmanism and its dangers

Semi-Ruckmanism defined

What is semi-Ruckmanism? Simply put, it consists of teaching some of the same "Ruckmanisms" while using different terminology than Ruckman and claiming all along to be against Ruckmanism. In other words, semi-Ruckmanite views refer to reaching some of the same controversial conclusions as …

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The deterioration of Ruckman’s language demonstrated in his changing treatment of John R. Rice

In other articles we show how Peter Ruckman's teachings have grown stranger over the years. In this article we demonstrate how his spirit and attitude towards those with whom he disagrees has also progressively worsened over the years to an unthinkable level. …

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Refuse profane and old wives’ fables: A review of Ruckman’s UFO book “Black is Beautiful”

In 1995 Ruckman published a very strange book by the title Black is Beautiful. In it, Ruckman accepts as fact much of what belongs to the realm of science fiction. It demonstrates that Ruckman is fascinated with the bizarre in …

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Ruckman saying it’s wrong to use such terms as “the Greek” and “the Greek text”

Ruckman likes to make the rules. Let's observe the rules that Ruckman imposes on others, and see if he follows his own rules, including people he defends. Here's a large sampling of his rules on not referring to "the Greek," "the …

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