Outline of common mistakes people make regarding Ruckmanism

1. Thinking Ruckmanites are historic Baptists. Teaching double inspiration, advanced revelation, that the KJV corrects the Greek and is superior to it, works salvation after the rapture, etc., is not historic Baptist teaching.

2. Thinking all Ruckmanites are uneducated. Perhaps many are, but exceptions abound.

3. Thinking they have little influence. See our article Who was the first KJV defender to influence others to declare the KJV to be inerrant or inspired in the 20th century? showing how much the manner of defending the KJV changed after Ruckman came on the scene.

4. Thinking Ruckmanism only exists in Ruckmanite churches. Some teach a less controversial modified form we call semi-Ruckmanism. See Semi-Ruckmanism and its dangers.

5. Thinking Ruckmanites are only those who defend Peter Ruckman openly. Some don’t defend him openly, but they refuse to speak out against him.

6. Thinking that Ruckmanism is a little weird, but not all that harmful or teaches no false doctrines. This is more likely to be the thinking of someone who is uninformed, or has only read a small sampling of Ruckman's writings. This website was envisioned for their benefit.

7. Thinking that Ruckman only puts down those who are against the KJV. (We have an article in the works on this very matter)

8. Thinking that when Ruckman says the KJV is superior to the Greek, he is referring only to critical texts, or only in practical terms. For further reading on this, see A look at Ruckman’s reasons for declaring the KJV to be superior to the originals.

9. Thinking that Ruckman is only wrong in his extremes on the Bible version issue. For many examples of how Ruckman is wrong in other areas, see Overview of what Ruckmanism is all about.

10. Underestimating how difficult some Ruckmanite questions can be to answer. Ruckmanite questions are not unanswerable, but they may require some thought as well as research and Bible study for those who are unfamiliar with Ruckmanism. It should be recognized from the outset that many Ruckmanite questions are fallaciously framed, in the manner of “have you quit beating your wife?”

11. Underestimating how difficult some questions are for Ruckmanites to answer. Especially questions that get to the heart of the matter such as “where was the perfect Word of God before 1611?” This question not only is difficult for them, it is impossible for them to approach it with consistency because they have to employ double standards if they attempt to answer it. They often try to change the subject when this question surfaces.

12. Thinking that Ruckmanite missionaries concentrate only on winning souls and church planting and do not try to spread Ruckman’s doctrine overseas. For visual proof that Ruckmanite missionaries are actively translating Ruckman's works and spreading Ruckmanite teachings overseas, see Ruckmanism overseas.

13. Thinking that Ruckmanite missionaries do not try to solicit support outside of their Ruckmanite circles. In Critique of Ruckmanism Ruckus, a new book in defense of Peter Ruckman we documented a case of a graduate of Ruckman's Bible institute admitting that "PBI students are warned by Dr. Ruckman to never mention his name if they need deputation support [think $$$] from other churches…" Is it not unethical for Ruckman to mock churches who believe in salvation by grace for all dispensations, but then tell his graduates not to mention him when they go to such churches to raise financial support?

14. Thinking that Ruckmanism is a fad that if ignored will soon go away. The reason Ruckmanism is still among us and grew almost unchecked is because it was mostly ignored early on.

15. Thinking that Ruckmanites keep to themselves and don’t try to infiltrate other churches or actively attempt to recruit others.

16. Thinking that only the literature that specifically upholds Ruckman by name teaches Ruckmanism. See Semi-Ruckmanism and its dangers.

17. Thinking that everyone is either for Ruckman or against him with no subtle in-betweens. See Semi-Ruckmanism and its dangers.

18. Thinking that all Ruckmanites agree with Ruckman on all his views. Many will say “I don’t agree with Ruckman on everything,” but many (perhaps out of loyalty or intimidation) refuse to spell out exactly where they disagree with Ruckman.

19. Underestimating just how much of the most extreme views regarding the KJV can be traced back to Ruckman. See our article Who was the first KJV defender to influence others to declare the KJV to be inerrant or inspired in the 20th century? showing how much the manner of defending the KJV changed after Ruckman came on the scene.

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12 Responses to Outline of common mistakes people make regarding Ruckmanism

  1. Scalar says:

    Your unfounded hate of Dr. Ruckman is ridiculous and all too Roman catholic. Perhaps you are Jesuit-influenced? God bless Peter Ruckman and thank God for the brother.

  2. Someboday says:

    disgusting how you throw a man under a bus, would you throw anyone else? or just ruckman? if its not your ministry don’t spread lies to stop people from learning about God, Go find a ministry that works for you, right or wrong, all up to you.

    • Webmaster says:

      You are accusing this website of spreading lies. Can you demonstrate a single lie on this website about Ruckman involving a matter that isn’t subjective?

      You describe our attempts to expose Ruckman as throwing a man under a bus. Does Ruckman not do this very thing repeatedly in his writings, yet much harsher? If it is wrong for us to do this–why do you not hold Ruckman to the same standard?

  3. I appreciate your work and effort to expose this rogue sect of followers who have been gathered together (probably innocently enough) with a good idea to uphold the Word of God but have stepped into the philosophies of men and vain deceit. I have dealt with several of these types and all have the same haughty, harsh and condemning spirit. The fruit of any work displays loudly the content of the ideas behind it. To put it simply, if you program the heart with pride and condemnation, you will produce the same. Keep up the good work brother.

  4. emolee says:

    Thank you so much for your work! I live in Pensacola and have seen the “Ruckmenites” on the street corners with their signs yelling at cars stopped at red lights, and have wondered at what exactly they believe. It wasn’t until I found out that one of my acquaintances was involved in their church here that I tried to find out more info on them. I was so wrong in thinking they were merely legalistic fundamentalists!! It saddens me to see how the followers have been brainwashed into their almost idol-worshipping of Ruckman. Because of his example of arrogance, many of his followers are also haughty and arrogant. Talking with them is futile it seems, but I will continue to pray. As with any cult, it is hard to get someone from the inside to see the blatant truth on the outside. Thank you so much for your efforts with this site! Please don’t be discouraged by the negative comments of those who are ignorant of the truth and their own arrogance. Keep following the Lord.

  5. emolee says:

    Oh and by the way, this was the first time I had heard of someone besides a liberal “christian” refer to fundamentalists as bad! Getting it from all sides I guess….

  6. Anonymous says:

    Webmaster: I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for the work that you have done on this site and the information put forth.

    I myself was once what you would call a “ruckmanite” and have read many of his books and own a copy of the RRB and have studied the notes at length. It wasn’t until just recently (about a year ago) that I started seeing the fallacy and the spirit behind this cult (and yes is is most definitely a cult).

    I would urge anyone who reads this testimony to do so with an open heart and mind. Please open your eyes to what this website has to say. Nothing is said about Ruckman out of hatred or malice, but in truth and love.

    Be honest with yourself and follow Dr. Ruckman’ s and ministry and you will see a path of division and strife all the way through. That includes his home life as well as his followers and ministry. Sometimes division is good, but unnecessary divisions are detrimental to the health of the body of Christ.

    Thank you again, this website has really been a blessing and an eye opener to me.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Can you prove any of his teachings wrong?

    • Webmaster says:

      Yes, but this page is an outline, so it is not meant for refuting his teachings. This has been done throughout this website in various articles.

  8. Jim Shuster says:

    I read somewhere in your writings that Dr. Ruckman was the only one that taught a Creation-Ruin-Recreation Theory.  What about Clarence Larkin?  Read his Rightly Dividing and look at his chapter entitled Satan.  

    • Webmaster says:

      You did not read that somewhere in my writings, and  you could not quote me, because I never alleged such a thing. I am aware that Ruckman was not the first one.  Even though I dislike Ruckman, I believe in portraying him truthfully and fairly. 

  9. Anonymous says:

    To share an experience.

    I had been looking for a KJV only church in my area and came across one. They had a soul winning program which I wanted to be a part of. It turned out that the church was run by a fully fledged ‘Ruckmanite’ graduate. I had no issues with Dr Ruckman, I knew he defended the KJV, which I thought was good.

    After attending for some months, the ‘facade’ of the church started to come off. At first I wondered why the mainstay of the congregation appeared so rough and seemingly un-Christian-like in their behavior. I was told it was because they had had a hard life. I accepted this. It was later that the leaders/members of the church started to show more and more contempt and even jealousy to anyone they disagreed with – even good solid godly Christians. However, if Dr. Ruckman was to be criticized, the topic was shifted rather quickly by the leaders.

    In short, my exposure to ‘Ruckmanism’ was a church with un-Christian manners and behavior by the mainstay of the congregation, as well as a disrespectful disregard for anyone who they disagreed with, even over seemingly trivial matters of opinion. Not a place to grow spiritually, is my experience, but a place where fleshly bickering and behavior almost appeared to be admired.

    Another – and very key point – I was told that the church/leadership was ‘really easy going’. This turned out to not be the case because the members and leaders in my experience would bully and goad me if I happened to have a different opinion or listened to a preacher they chose not to like. So really it was the most controlling church I have been to and it gave me cult-like vibes towards the end.

    It may be that it is for some people, but if someone wants to grow in the Lord, I don’t recommend it. You would likely come out with lots of advanced bizarre doctrine, but not even know or even experience the simplest of doctrine such as humility and kindness to the brethren.

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