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The biggest, fattest, most whopping lie according to Ruckman

Peter Ruckman tries to elevate himself by accusing virtually everyone else who disagrees with him of being a liar. He will make flippant statements such as, "Every major, recognized Christian scholar in this century is an habitual, chronic, intentional, pathological LIAR …

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Ruckman: “The destruction of a child in the fetal or embryonic stage is NOT counted as murder”

Considering that Peter Ruckman is a Baptist preacher who is not known for holding liberal views in the theological nor political arena, he has shocking and disturbing views on abortion. We will allow him to express his views in his …

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Ruckman’s superstition

Is Peter Ruckman superstitious? We will list the evidence and allow it to speak for itself. We will then end with an admission from Ruckman himself to remove all doubt.

Examples of superstition regarding numbers

King James (nine letters), 1611

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Ruckman wrongly portraying many Christian leaders of the past as Ruckmanites

In his failed attempts at legitimizing his extreme teachings on the KJV issue, Ruckman has attempted to rewrite history in order to portray those who merely believed in the trustworthiness of the KJV as holding to Ruckman's position. He tries …

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Collection of quotes expressing concern over Ruckmanism

These quotes were collected from various sources as documented. Some of the books contain a position favoring modern translations we do not endorse, but nonetheless they contain valuable statements warning about Ruckmanism.

Excelling in ad hominem arguments, Ruckman spares no

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What exactly does Ruckman believe about double inspiration?

One of Peter Ruckman’s views which is often rejected except by the most loyal of his followers is his teaching on “double inspiration.” The historic and biblical view is that inspiration took place once (over a period of time, as …

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Ruckman’s belief in advanced revelations in the KJV

One of Peter Ruckman's teachings which raise eyebrows is his insistence on the KJV containing advanced revelations which are not found in the Greek and Hebrew. This claim was unheard of before Ruckman; therefore it is a tenant of Ruckmanism …

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Ruckman’s self-serving interpretation for 2 Timothy 3:16

Peter Ruckman has a unique interpretation for 2 Timothy 3:16 in order to read into it his view that the KJV is “given by inspiration of God.” Before bringing up 2 Tim. 3:16, Ruckman will often start by asking the …

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Ruckman’s personal controversy and his views on divorced pastors

The only matters we will discuss about Peter Ruckman's personal life come from what he has volunteered to release publicly via his writings. Ruckman is a public ministry figure who has himself published details regarding his personal life; therefore the

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Ruckman’s view of Greek and Hebrew lexicons

In recent years Gail Riplinger has been writing extensively concerning rejecting Greek and Hebrew lexicons. But is this new? If not, who started it?

Naturally, lexicons and grammars as all other works of men are not perfect, so they are …

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Critique of the new Ruckman Reference Bible

The first edition of the Ruckman Reference Bible (hereafter RRB), highly anticipated among Ruckmanites, was published in November of 2009. The introduction to the RBB itself states that "It has been a long time coming and long awaited by many Bible believers." Ruckman …

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The KJV is trustworthy, but can it be inerrant?

We believe the KJV is reliable, trustworthy and proven, and is an accurate translation of the Word of God. What we are dealing with in this article has no bearing on this. This article only deals with a technicality, an issue …

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Past attempts to warn against Ruckmanism (1967-1998)

We will conduct this study in the form of reviews of articles and publications warning about Peter Ruckman in chronological order. Although it is still a work in progress, since it is mostly done we are publishing this rough draft on the website to invite our …

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The Alexandrian Cult and its Creed: A fantasy of Peter Ruckman

Ruckman is proud of his “Creed of the Alexandrian Cult,” which is evident by his boasting that he has listed it in virtually every issue of the Bible Believers’ Bulletin since it was first issued in the 1970’s. He uses it to …

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Testing Ruckman’s Credibility: His Experience at Bob Jones University

At we are not endorsing any particular Bible college or university. We only bring up Bob Jones University (hereafter BJU) in this article because it is at the heart of a test of credibility regarding contradictory statements Ruckman has made regarding his alma mater. …

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Recommended non-Ruckmanite literature in defense of the KJV or Textus Receptus

All these books and pamphlets defend the KJV or Textus Receptus without teaching they are inspired or perfect. When modern translations or critical texts are opposed in these books, it is usually done so with a conciliatory tone. In some …

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Ruckman’s multiple plans of salvation for different ages

The subject being dealt with here is complex and a thorough treatment could easily turn into a large book. This is not our intention, so therefore we will be brief and not cover all relevant Scripture passages. Much of it …

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Ruckman, his defenders, and the issue of accountability

Although there are slight variations in the manner in which Ruckman defenders attempt to defend Ruckman, We often see a common theme. The theme often centers on such arguments as:

“Let God judge him”

“The fruit of his ministry (i.e. souls …

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Does Ruckman believe the KJV is inspired or not?

The reason this is presented as a question is due to the fact that Ruckman occasionally appears to make contradictory statements at different times in his writings regarding this matter. Our experience is that some Ruckmanites remain unclear about Ruckman’s true …

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Ruckman denies ever getting personal with his attacks. Is it true?

Ruckman has repeatedly denied that he gets personal with those he disagrees with, as in the following examples:

We have never had any argument with the PERSONAL and PRIVATE LIVES of any man we ever mentioned in our series on

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