Collection of quotes expressing concern over Ruckmanism

These quotes were collected from various sources as documented. Some of the books contain a position favoring modern translations we do not endorse, but nonetheless they contain valuable statements warning about Ruckmanism.

Excelling in ad hominem arguments, Ruckman spares no blunt adjectives in denigrating his opponents. Many in the movement attempt to distance themselves from Ruckman because of his uninhibited modus operandi; still, they echo his words and mimic his style in many other ways without giving credit where credit is due. Ruckman has created an intensely loyal following among the more radical fundamentalist element in the U.S. A colorful personality, known more for sensationalism than accuracy, he has led his followers astray on a number of different issues… (Rawlings, Harold. Trial by Fire: The Struggle to Get the Bible into English. Wellington, FL: The Rawlings Foundation. 2004, p. 181)

Thinking Fundamentalists, who have a strong attachment to the King James Version, must stop and ponder the "KJV-only" ship they are sailing on and what might be its eventual port for the generations that follow. Its harbor may very well be Ruckmanism. (Sproul, Michael. God's Word Preserved: A Defense of Historic Seperatist Definitions and Beliefs. Tempe, AZ: Whetstone Precepts Press, 2005, pp. 14)

Do not we, as Bible-believing fundamentalists, have a right to call in question such radical, new teaching? As well read as Mr. Ruckman is, he is certainly aware that these ideas are unique to him. Why then is he so dogmatic in these claims? Why can't he have a more humble, opinionated-sounding tone when he presents the above material? The simple truth is, we do NOT have to believe what Ruckman says about the KJV, for his claims are based upon his own compartment of circular reasoning logic. (Hudson, Gary. Why I left Ruckmanism. Collingswood, NJ: The Bible For Today, p. 19)

1. It is clever circular reasoning disguised as a reasonable "no alternative approach to the question of locating the Word of God."
2. It is a convenience in avoiding the discipline of having to study the original languages of Scripture, for the KJV is IT.
3. It is proselytizing, causing church members to favor certain groups or individuals as true "Bible-believers."
4. It is racism, making the white Anglo-Saxon race the most highly favored in Bible versions.
5. It is rebellion against spiritual leadership disguised as anti-rebellion to the Word of God.
6. It is idolatrous, an appeal to the carnal nature to worship a paper relic instead of the true God.
7. Mr. Ruckman's own charismatic personality. His crack humor, beautiful art (as he is a very fine artist), fearless tone, frankness of speech, intellectual ability, and commanding, radio-announcer voice (from his background in broadcasting) make him interesting and persuasive among those who are swayed under the spell. (Hudson, Gary. Why I left Ruckmanism. Collingswood, NJ: The Bible For Today, p. 39)

By virtually assuming what is required to be proved, does Ruckman easily arrive at the point from which he set out without proving anything? Does he perhaps jump from his unwarranted assumptions to his foregone conclusion? In effect, Ruckman has claimed that God has stated something by advanced revelation in the KJV which was not in the Hebrew and Greek. By claiming that additional revelation is necessary, Ruckman's view undermines the Biblical doctrine of the sufficiency of Scripture in the original languages. The supposed brilliance and cleverness of Ruckman is no substitute for doctrinal truth. Where is the answer to Ruckman's one-sided exaggerations and speculations in many KJV-only publications? How can such nonsense and false claims be tolerated or even promoted under the banner of sound doctrine?
Norris, Rick. The Unbound Scriptures. Fayetteville, NC: Unbound Scriptures Publications. 2003, p. 372


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