Ruckman denies ever getting personal with his attacks. Is it true?

Ruckman has repeatedly denied that he gets personal with those he disagrees with, as in the following examples:

We have never had any argument with the PERSONAL and PRIVATE LIVES of any man we ever mentioned in our series on the Alexandrian Cult. And we are not going to get off track like Robert Sumner and begin to chase rabbits and emphasize nonessentials by getting all balled up in the personal lives of those who correct (or attack) the AV. Our argument, after all, is a very limited one. (Ruckman, Peter. Twenty-Two Years of the Bible Believers' Bulletin Reprint #7 Strictly Personal. 2004, p. 43)

Notice throughout that our point of contention has never been PERSONAL. Not once would we bother to go into personalities or ministries. We are dealing with documented facts that concern written texts as they are printed in books and letters. We have no argument with the personal lives or beliefs of any member of the Cult in this century, if that member is a saved man. (Ruckman, Peter. The Alexandrian Cult, Part 5. 1980, p. 10)

Is it true that Ruckman never gets involved in personal matters regarding those who oppose his positions? Notice all that was found even when restricted to only one person in just one of Ruckman's books. The book was The Last Grenade published in 1990, and the person being attacked in a very personal way is Gary Hudson. Read the following and decide for yourself:

…a frustrated young truck driver in Florida who wanted to be an evangelist but never had enough emotional or spiritual maturity in his life to get on “the circuit.” (p. 5)

…was a sorry preacher and had no burden for the lost or any missionary vision; (p. 190)

…this blank in Florida who couldn’t pastor a church or win anyone to Christ… (p. 234)

(We seriously doubt the validity of these very personal statements, but we do not necessarily endorse all the doctrinal views of Gary Hudson).


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