Peter Ruckman reveals the only reason he did not join the KKK, but otherwise agrees with everything they say

"The Ku Klux Klan’s like that. I’ll tell you why I never joined the Ku Klux Klan. It’s because they’re anti-semitic. And that’s the only reason I didn’t join. [laughs heartily] I mean, I agree with everything else they say. But the trouble is when you get out that way, that extreme right-wing, you begin to turn against that Jew, and I ain’t gonna turn against that Jew."

There is nothing else Ruckman said about the KKK in the context.  The video can be seen on Youtube (the statements can be found at the 22-minute mark). “Dr. Ruckman 1993 Questions and Answers”

You may think that since Ruckman is against anti-semitism, and the Jews are God's chosen people, that he would speak kindly of them overall (with allowance for disagreements over doctrinal differences of course). But notice what he says two minutes later in the same video, but also how he manages to slip in a subtle jab at another race and we all know who it is:

[24 minute mark] “But, because God chose him you have to love him [the Jew], you have to love him. And if you don't, God will bless them that bless thee, and curse them that curse thee, so you gotta be careful. And it's kinda hard to be careful. I don't know if you have–you don't have a lot of Jews in North Carolina, or at least back in the mountains you don't. And if you do, they behave themselves, 'cause they're kind of outnumbered. But ah, but you take a city Jew, a citified Jew like Chicago, or New York, they are the most repulsive people in this world, man! I guess, out of sight of another group I know of. (chuckles) The closest I ever came to hitting a fella was a Jewish pawn broker in Chicago."

Any child of God who is familiar with the history and reputation of the KKK should be disgusted by Ruckman’s statement that he agrees with everything else the KKK says except for their views on a group that two minutes later he describes as "the most repulsive people in this world" (outside of another group)! This was not a laughing matter, regardless of the race in question. Yet Ruckmanites continue to make light of it (as can be seen by comments below this video on Youtube), such as declaring that it’s no big deal because everyone knows no one is perfect. However—the Bible teaches, “Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them” (Romans 16:17). It is high time that the Bible admonition be taken seriously in this matter.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I also noticed in the video that Ruckman seems to have a fixation/affection for all things German. As in German shepherds, German marching music, German soldiers, German descent, German language etc. And how he played German marching music for a Jew (which he admits he regrets) that he didn't like just to make him sweat.

    I have also heard his protege Brian Donovan refer to him affectionately as "the Fuhrer" on other audio teachings. I wonder if there is a connection between his German fixation and his interest in the KKK?

     I always heard him talk frequently about German shepherds and the German language but I never really made the connection until now (if there is indeed a connection). He also used to talk quite often and graphically about the Holocaust. I do believe he had some German lineage which I think he talks about in the video so that could explain some things. 

    • Anonymous says:

      I’d like to see a post done on this, as I’ve noticed the same things and have always wondered as well. There is also a drawing of him in a soldiers uniform, that looks like a SS uniform, but that’s from memory. Don’t quote me on that. The whole thing is very suss.

  2. Nate Beck says:

    Condemning racism against the Jews, while.embracing racism against blacks is pretty sick and ethically, spiritually, AND morally unjustifiable, UNSCRIPTURAL and a slap in the face to the Creator who made the races to begin with. 

    This, to me, is the biggest stain on the reputation of Peter Ruckman! A shameful and absurd standpoint for him to take with the King James Bible he claimed to follow staring him right in the face! It's stuff like this that makes it hard to defend Ruckman. I appreciate the help Ruckman offered me during my early years of studying the Bible, but the older I get, the harder it is to even bring him up at all, or to even cite his books because of garbage like this! 

    • Scrambles says:

      Wait til you find out he justifies his racism against blacks, because they are the descendants of Caan.

  3. Nate Beck says:


    Another weird thing about Dr. Ruckman's positions on the races is his double-mindedness on the issue as evidenced in his sermons and books. In reading or listening to Ruckman's materials, we are often presented with contradictory views on race. James 1:8 of course says "a double minded man is unstable in all his ways."

    For years, I devoured almost everything the man wrote from his topical studies to his Bible Believer's Commentary Series. So, I am no mere browser of Dr. Ruckman's materials. I am intimately familiar with him and I will always appreciate and be grateful for everything I learned. There is much I thank God for and I can still say that to this day I still agree with his writings about 65% of the time, an honest percentage on my part, even if not a very positive amount.

    So, what of double-mindedness on race? Many times, Ruckman would make comments that if a black person is saved, they're your brother or sister in Christ and should be treated as such and that segregation in the church should not exist, but then contradicts himself and says: "black folks should be with black folks and white folks should be with white folks." (comments made in a sermon titled "Fasting" on a cassette taped sermon previously published by Bible Baptist Church, from either the late 1960's or 1970's).

    Then, there are instances where Dr. Ruckman would relate stories of witnessing to KKK members and the hostile, demonic spirit he encountered (Memoirs of a Twentieth-Century Circuit Riding Preacher). Having this experience with the obviously demonic nature of racist members of such a sinister organization, how is it Ruckman would then defend what they believe? A double minded man is unstable in all his ways!

    Finally, it needs to be made note of Dr. Ruckman's bizarre and extra-Biblical claims about Noah's son Ham and the supposed implications on the black race (booklet- Segregation or Integration? What Saith the Scriptures?). Claims such as Ham sodomizing Noah, which is not in the Biblical text, or that Ham's son Canaan being cursed, and the prophecy of servitude which follows, as having implications on the black race, which also has no justification in the Biblical text whatsoever. Then there is the bizarre claim that when Hamites (which means the black race) are in servitude, that's when they are at their best in society, although the prophecy of servitude applies only to Canaan, NOT to Ham's lineage in general.

    Although it is true that Ruckman was not the first to use the Curse of Canaan to apply to the black race, it is bizarre for a man who made bold claims of being true to the Biblical text to follow and promote such blatantly false and absurd interpretations of the Biblical text such as these. It is a sinister double-mindedness which condemns anti-Semitism, which the Bible also condemns, while at the same time promoting racist beliefs about black people, which the Bible ALSO condemns! Colossians 3:11 and other verses should put such nonsense to bed and it is a stain and a terrible sin for any professing Christian to hold such racist and UNSCRIPTURAL views!

    • Ian Francis says:

      Yes and amen, but wasn't the line of Canaan totally wiped out in the Great Flood of Noah?  How then could his Curse of Canaan theory carry any weight.

      • Elden R Mayo says:

        That's the "Curse of Cain".  Cain was cursed, but his lineage was erased in the Flood.  Canaan comes after the flood.

      • Viktor Kaiser says:

        Genesis 9:25
        Canaan had been cursed by Noah,for what Ham did!

        • Yulya Sevelova says:

          I wonder about something here– wasn't Jesus going to the cross to pay with his own sinless,perfect life as a ransom for ALL mankind, to redeem us/ them from sin, a cancellation of all Old Testament curses anyway ??      The New Testament does not in any way promote the curse of Ham.      So why do people try to justify enslavement of African's, when the conduct that Jesus requires from his followers doesn't allow for such abusive acts.     If anything, the conduct of explorers,colonists, settlers was anything BUT Christian !!    I'm not Black either,by the way.   I'm first generation American.    White/ Asian.

  4. Bobbie LeDuc says:

    It is amazing how deeply Dr. Ruckman impacted my life from the time I was 17 years old until now. He was often a guest in our home at a time when when I was eagerly devouring the Word.  His brilliant mind was one of the most influential tools that helped open up the scripture to my hungry young searching soul.  But it wasn't without it's negative imprints. I believe I could write a book on both the positive and devastating effects his life and teachings have had on me, as well as the impact that his followers have had on my entire adult life.  I too….as so many that I've read in this forum can testify to, can relay how Dr. Ruckman helped ground me in some of the most important Biblical doctrines by teaching me to rightly divide the word of God….But I can also attest to some erroneous doctrine that he taught that was not in line with the Holy Spirit of Grace and preached a gospel of contention.  And unfortunately there are many young men and women converts of Ruckmanism out there that only upheld the erroneous doctrine and created converts of their own….Hence the Cult was born…Which is why those who knew Dr. Ruckman…really knew him…Shake their heads in disbelief and defiance that their beloved leader was a cult leader…Because when it came down to the saving gospel of Jesus Christ those who knew him and loved him….knew he saw all men as equal before the cross….But this humility was not often seen by his adversaries….And unfortunately was not present in many of his followers….And this is problematic….For we must all examine ourselves and our ministries and ask what kind of disciples are we producing?  Do they uphold sound doctrine in all matters of the word?  Do they walk in humility and bear the mark of the Agape love of Jesus Christ?  Are they filled with the Spirit and found walking after the spirit rather than the flesh?  Do they love their wives as Christ loved the Church and gave himself for it?

    It is my prayer that all those who follow the KJV Bible would merely throw themselves at the Savior.  Seek the full face of God. Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God that he may exalt you in due time.  Worship him and him alone.  Go back to your First Love.  Bow your heads before a Holy God and be Re-baptized again by the precious anointing Agape Love of Christ.  Though we may have the gift of prophesy and have not charity…We have nothing.

    I'd love to one day tell my story…if it would help but one soul.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hello Bobbie 

      your comment alone helped me already who has been fooled by the Calvinist teaching then ruckman. But don't get me wrong I would always appreciate how God had led me to ruckman and his teaching so that's where I found the kjv bible and all the rest of the sound doctrines 


      but also thank God for leading me to ruckman so I know what not to do, what not to follow but Jesus and Jesus alone; I also thank God for letting me see my ego ok spiritual subjects through ruckman so I would forever be able to not attempt that wrong path again 


      all in all I appreciate all who have gone through simular paths as I did speaking out to help one another brethrens in recovery and regaining the trust and faith and the first love in Christ 


      I really do look forward to hearing your full story


      fellow brethren in Christ 

  5. Nate Beck says:

    These comments about the KKK, and really much of his opinions and attitude on race, are the primary things I disagree with Ruckman about, and are by far the most irresponsible and worst opinions he held and the most terrible things he ever said.

    There is not a true Bible believing Christian on earth that can HONESTLY say they believe the words of the King James Bible AND what the KKK says and does. That is downright abominable and awful. The KKK is an organization of hate and violence and blatant disobedience of the King James Bible. I will NEVER stand in the way of Ruckman being condemned on this issue!

    Ruckman at his absolute worst! Me and the ole Webmaster may have a lot of beef and disagreement and war between eachother (until we both get to Heaven anyway) but on this issue I completely stand with him. Ruckman's position on the KKK is completely indefensible and violates the King James Bible!

    • Anonymous says:

      These are also the comment that make me become more convinced of his motive behind all his mixed bag of truth and controversial teaching, it's almost like everything rude and bold is meant to be put out there to discredit whatever he was preaching and believing in so strongly about, namely the kjvonly stand 

  6. James L Staten Jr says:

    I have taken the time and read every comment. I have heard through the years many of the assertions given about Dr Ruckman. I will make a couple of comments, and state but by the grace of God there go I. I have read that in an interview once someone asked him if anyone was saved before the 1611 KJV of the Bible came into existence, and my understanding is he refused to answer. My wife and I spent ten years helping place Bibles inside China and I once had a Southern Baptist Missionary tell me the Chinese Union Version of the Bible is the Chinese equivalent to the KJV, but I guess the problem would be that the Union Version was translated from ESV, I believe. It has been claimed that over the last fifty years perhaps one of the greatest revivals in history has taken place in China, and for every Bible placed perhaps as many as 3-5 people come to know Christ. Like I heard my old Pastor say one time, "Sometimes the Lord even saves with a crooked stick"  

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