Ruckmanites going beyond Ruckman

Some Ruckmanites seem to go even farther than Ruckman in their teachings. However–have you ever read Ruckman castigating them? Here is a graphic from a Ruckmanite website in the Philippines.

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  1. Jewel says:

    I had been recently looking for a home church when I met some rather nice people. I was glad to know that there were people who still read the KJV, since most churches don’t. I’m not too dogmatic about it, but I love the bible in King James English, that’s all.
    I was tired of fads and entertainment happenings in the church and I was looking for some serious worship with dedicated believers.
    I met these brethren in a small restaurant, and the leader, Jesse, talked about dispensations, and pre-trib and Kent Hovind and Peter Ruckman, even calling himself a Ruckmanite. I’d never heard such things, but was intrigued.
    Jess then got into the real things that excited him: a vast array of conspiracy theories I hadn’t paid heed to since I was a kid in the 1960s. It all seemed like a throwback.
    Most intriguing of all is Ruckman. I haven’t really read his works, but I found his paintings hideous and obscene, and even said as much.
    I guess you either love him or hate him.

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