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Ruckman’s vulgar teaching that Satan committed adultery with Eve and fathered Cain

One of Peter Ruckman’s most unusual teaching with no sound Biblical foundation whatsoever is that Satan had sex with Eve and fathered Cain. However, Ruckman’s imagination gone wild does not stop there. Although he is less dogmatic about it, he …

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Testing Ruckman’s Credibility: His KJV copyright denials

Many of Peter Ruckman’s oft-repeated claims deserve a closer look. One of them is his claim that the KJV is not copyrighted. We do not wish to portray the Authorized Version negatively, but factual information should be welcomed and appreciated, …

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Ruckman and the Gap Theory

The Gap Theory is one of the unusual teachings Peter Ruckman emphasizes, therefore it merits at least a brief review at

What is the Gap Theory? In his excellent book Unformed and Unfilled, Weston Fields provides a …

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Ruckman advertising himself?

Peter Ruckman has been known to mock preachers whose pictures show up repeatedly in the same publication. Case in point: "… never published an issue without presenting you with a picture of himself a minimum of four times! … That

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Testing Ruckman’s credibility: His statements about the Apocrypha and the KJV

Can Peter Ruckman be trusted to give an objective view of facts in areas that could affect some of his views? Is he fair and impartial with the facts? You be the judge.

Ruckman states repeatedly in his writings that …

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Ruckman: Instructions given to a Christian to love someone are speaking of personal dealings on a one-on-one basis

As a visitor to this website, you are likely to be acquainted with Ruckman’s poisonous pen. An example of his treatment of other Christians he disagrees with can be observed in the following statement: “Pray for them, make fun of …

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Example of Ruckman’s lack of fairness on the KJV issue

At we do not endorse any modern translations. Although the main purpose of this website is not for exposing other translations, we are concerned about the proliferation of translations and we do provide a list of literature on the …

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Ruckman teaching that no other scholar can be trusted other than himself

Does Peter Ruckman actually say not to trust any scholar except himself? He doesn’t say it outright, no doubt because of the anti-cultic backlash he would receive. However, in examining Ruckman’s abundant writings, a pattern clearly emerges. He denounces all other …

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Statement regarding Dr. Peter Ruckman’s death

The Bible Baptist Bookstore website announced that Peter S. Ruckman died April 21, 2016.

This website will continue and will be updated from time to time with new articles, as there is no doubt that the false teachings and influence …

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Page of jokes in Ruckman Bible commentary

If you've ever heard that Ruckman's Bible commentaries are unconventional–that is an understatement! Below is an example of what we mean. We only scanned one page, but the jokes continue half-way into the next page.  …

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Ruckman luring overseas preachers to conferences with money

How has Ruckman lured hundreds of preachers living overseas into coming to hear him speak? By offering money–and lots of it. The documentation below about a conference in India that attracted approximately 1,450 pastors comes from p. 18 of the …

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Ruckmanism overseas

There are many against Ruckmanism who believe such teaching is losing ground and fading fast, therefore it can safely be ignored. There is no doubt that it has fallen into disrepute, but we at believe there is a danger …

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Does Ruckman really know the path of the second advent?

In Ruckman's The Path of the Second Advent booklet he comes across as if he knows the exact route the Lord will take in the second phase of his coming. He is so confident that he referred to his route …

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Is this plagiarism?

The images contain a sample page on the left from Alban Douglas' book first copyrighted in 1966 One Hundred Bible Lessons: God's Answers to Man's Questions. On the right of the two large images are a sample page from two …

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Ruckman’s out-of-print rapture guessing booklet

This booklet was printed by Ruckman in 1988 and is no longer in print. Here's a jewel from page 20. To understand the quote, it should be explained that he had played with the number 1989 (the year he was …

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Critique of Ruckmanism Ruckus, a book in defense of Peter Ruckman

Ruckmanism Ruckus was written by Geneha Kim, a 2006 graduate of Ruckman’s Bible institute. The foreword was written by William (Bill) Grady. It is 376 pages in length and was published in 2010. It was printed by Ruckman’s Bible Baptist …

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No blacks in Ruckman’s large church

During a visit to Peter Ruckman's church in 2007 it was no surprise that no blacks were to be found in the auditorium among the hundreds in attendance. A typical church running several hundred in the south will normally have at least …

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Not applying his own teaching

Ruckman teaches that angels have no wings (Theological Studies, Booklet 18, p. 5). Ruckman has to deny that Seraphims are angels, as they have wings (Isa. 6:2). Cherubims are also described with wings in Eze. 10:5, and in other …

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Ruckman’s fascination with long lists of names

I always wondered how much shorter his books would be without the ridiculously lengthy lists of people and institutions he despises! Is he trying to make his readers think that he is more knowledgeable than the scholars who do not mention as …

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Ruckman’s 130+ books

Below is a photo of the major portion of our collection of Ruckman books, pamphlets and recordings. We are posting them here because we have been accused more than once of just borrowing Ruckman quotes from others who have written against him. Although exactly what to count …

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