Does Ruckman really know the path of the second advent?

In Ruckman's The Path of the Second Advent booklet he comes across as if he knows the exact route the Lord will take in the second phase of his coming. He is so confident that he referred to his route as an advanced revelation in the King James Bible. He even referred to some he was mocking for not being able to find the path of the second advent as "Bible babies" and "Bible blockheads." (p. 1, 2003 reprint) On the last page of his booklet he has a map showing the exact route the Lord is supposed to take.

In his book Ruckman Bible References he says Deut. 33:2 is "essential in correcting Larkin, Scofield, Darby, Pentecost, Rockwood, Kirban, Lindsay, and Webber on the route of the Second Advent…" 

However–does Ruckman really know the exact path of the second advent? Even though he did not demonstrate any doubt whatsoever in his booklet, observe what he admitted in his latest commentary, this one on the Song of Solomon (published 2010):

Now the question is where does Armageddon enter in the path of Christ's Second Advent. The answer is that we don't know for sure. There are Scriptures like Isaiah 63:1-3 that seem to indicate that the Lord has already fought the Battle of Armageddon before He comes to Jerusalem. If that is the case, then He would have to hit Armageddon in the north before he goes down south to Sinai. If He doesn't do it then, then He would have to leave Jerusalem to go fight at Armageddon.

You will find places in my tapes, throughout the years, where I have taught both. You say, "Well, which is it? And the answer is: "I don't know." There have been times when I was convinced He went to Armageddon first, and there have been times I was convinced he went to Sinai first. So until the Lord gives me more light on the subject, I will just say there they [sic] are two routes for the Second Advent, and both are right: one comes before the other. (p. 155)

So much for this being an advanced revelation not in the Greek and mocking others who could not find the route of the second advent! His booklet claiming to know the exact route is still for sale at his bookstore.

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6 Responses to Does Ruckman really know the path of the second advent?

  1. I would say that millenarianism was his largest flaw in escathology in addition to his dispensational futurism, but this yet again reveals a man who touted himself a scholar cannot answer a remarkably simple question. Quintilianus rightly said, later quoted by Mark Twain, vestis virum reddit or the clothes make the man!

  2. Borney Bergantine says:

    What is certain is our Jesus the Lamb of God who used a whip and turned over tables is taking vengence long prayed for by the Saints down through the ages as they were martyred for their faith and the blood on his garments is that of his enemies! Even so come Roaring Lion of The Tribe of Judah!

    • Webmaster says:

      What you pointed out is indeed certain, but what Ruckman tried to portray as certain was not, so it doesn’t let him off the hook.

  3. Obreiro Fiel says:

    Well, I don´t know if you want to publish my comment or not, but you need to carefully and prayerfully read Dr. Ruckman´s materials. In his pamphlet on the second coming he gives the route as being from Sinai to the Mt of Olives. In Song of Solomon, he is saying Armageddon could come before or after. That´s pretty simple, and I might add honest!

    • Webmaster says:

      If Ruckman was actually not so certain as you admit, why do you portray and defend him as “honest” when he hid his uncertainties in this pamphlet on the path of the second advent?

  4. Jeff says:

    Ruckman Reference Bible page 982 Footnote #1 concerning Isaiah 63:1 – "The verse deals with Christ's path at the second advent FROM Mt. Sinai (see notes on Dt. 33:2; Judges 5:5; Habk. 3:3) up through 'the king's highway' (Num. 20:14-17) in Edom to cross the Jordan where Joshua crossed with 'the ark of the covenant' (see note on Josh. 3:6) and land on the Mount of Olives (Zech. 14:1-4). (See also note on Isa. 19:1)" I am not stating whether or not this path is correct, because I do have some differing of "opinion" regarding the path, specifically that Paran comes before Seir, but that aside it does seem that his final thoughts on the path of the second advent is Mt. Sinai to Mt of Olives with the battle of Armageddon happening at the end. Bozrah is in Edom along the path, so it is "possible" that along the way the Lord is defeating armies of the SOP stationed outside of the valley of Jehoshaphat.

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