Ruckman advertising himself?

Peter Ruckman has been known to mock preachers whose pictures show up repeatedly in the same publication. Case in point: "… never published an issue without presenting you with a picture of himself a minimum of four times! … That is a publisher advertising himself in his own paper. (Ruckman, Peter. The Books of First and Second Thessalonians and Philemon. 2005, p. 24) Considering how his own periodical portrayed him at times (examples are from the October 1993 issue) we think it's another case of "do as I say, not as I do."


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  1. Sang says:

    Ruckman is an egomaniac.  He claims to be an extraordinary reader, but when i was at PBI, they had a Muslim debate, where Ruckman had to prepare statements agaisnt Islam.  In his preparation, Ruckman started reading the Quran.  I said he started to read the Quran.  That was the first time he ever finished reading the Quran.  He admitted it.  How can a man who boasts himself as a great reader of all subjects miss the Quran?  Don't be fooled by Ruckman's self-promotion of being a great reader.  most of the books he's read are articles and magazines.  Ruckman is a self-promoting, egotistic, arrogant deceiver who uses the KJV for a living. 

    • He must have lied to the person who tried to witness to him, because when Ruckman told the story of how he allegedly was enlightened, he claimed to have read the Alcoran some sixteen times more than the one time you experienced, Sang. It makes one re-examine his comments the "Yes, hath God said?" Society are "professional liars".

      • Sang says:

        Most of the books Ruckman has ever read are magazines and articles.  He counts magazines as books.  Most of the KJVO issues he writes about are based on JJ Ray and other Adventists.  The best book that I thought Ruckman wrote was his commentary on Revelation, but it turned out he copied that from Pink.  Ruckman is a trash.  Better off dead.

        • Webmaster says:

          As to your last two sentences, you are pushing the limits. Be aware that the comment requirements that state “Comments must be respectful. All comments will be moderated. The reason a comment may not be approved could range from provocativeness, going off topic, lack of substance, lacking Christian grace, baseless accusations, etc.” also apply to those who are against Ruckmanism. If I don’t approve some of your posts, this is why.

        • Sang, 

          Romans reads in chapter 12:

           12 Rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; continuing instant in prayer;

          13 Distributing to the necessity of saints; given to hospitality.

          14 Bless them which persecute you: bless, and curse not.

          15 Rejoice with them that do rejoice, and weep with them that weep.

          Where did you learn such speech? Paul wrote in Ephesians, 

          But ye have not so learned Christ;


  2. Sang says:

    I have personally seen Ruckman read a book.  He doesn't read.  He just looks at the pages and keeps turning the pages until his through the book.  And he remembers nothing about the book.  He forgets the whole thing, and throws the book in his garbage pile of "books that he's read".

    Don't be fooled by his self-promotion of being the greatest reader in the world.  Any fool can speed look at pages and claim to have finished a book.

    You know how Ruckman always talks about having read the Bible more than 100 times?  The first 40 times he read the Bible was in within a month.  He read the Bible through more than once a day!  This is the way Ruckman's read most of his books.

    Blind followers of blind Ruckman are fools looking for a self promoting egotistical leader.  Christianity is better off with Ruckman dead. 

    • Noah Zielke says:

      "You know how Ruckman always talks about having read the Bible more than 100 times?  The first 40 times he read the Bible was in within a month.  He read the Bible through more than once a day!  This is the way Ruckman's read most of his books."

      Got any citation for that?

      Also how do you know how much he remembered, and how did you watch him read? 

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