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Alexandrian Cult initiation rite according to Ruckman’s vivid imagination

In his eight-part series of booklets entitled The Alexandrian Cult (later reprinted in one volume as Alexandrian Cult Series), Ruckman displays artwork on the cover of an Alexandrian Cult initiation rite according to his vivid imagination. It shows the …

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Sword of the Lord promoting Ruckman in 1954

John R. Rice, then editor of The Sword of the Lord, had a falling out with Ruckman around 1972 after Ruckman published his controversial book The Christian's Handbook of Manuscript Evidence. If this is intriguing to you, you will be interested in …

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KJV dying on the cross

Can you believe this? One of the latest books by Peter Ruckman features a painting on the front cover of the KJV dying on the cross instead of Christ.

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Vintage ad of Ruckman meetings from 1958

There are several things of interest in this ad. It points out that he was scheduled to speak in an Assembly of God church as well as a Methodist church. It also makes the doubtful claim that Ruckman speaks three …

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Ruckman has been known to mock preachers whose pictures show up repeatedly in the same publication. Case in point: "… never published an issue without presenting you with a picture of himself a minimum of four times! … That is …

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Ruckmanites going beyond Ruckman

Some Ruckmanites seem to go even farther than Ruckman in their teachings. However–have you ever read Ruckman castigating them? Here is a graphic from a Ruckmanite website in the Philippines.

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Bumper sticker mania in Ruckmanland

Photos of the parking lot of Ruckman's church taken by the webmaster in 2007. I can understand having a bumper sticker or two in order to help spread the gospel or a moral message, but isn't this over the top? …

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Welcome to!

Do you recognize this man? He is Peter S. Ruckman of Pensacola, Florida, one of the most controversial preachers of all time, who passes himself off as a Baptist. He refers to himself as “the Lord’s junkyard dog.” In this

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