Timeline of major events in the life of Peter S. Ruckman

With few exceptions, this timeline is formed entirely from statements from the writings of Peter Ruckman (especially his autobiography). Some dates are tentative because at times we found differents dates for the same event in different books. We used an asterick (*) in those cases to indicate that a date was tentative for that very reason. There are more major events that could have been listed here, but we could not locate documentation for the exact year in which the event took place.


Peter S. Ruckman was born November 19 in Wilmington, Delaware. His father was John Hamilton Ruckman, and his mother was Mary Warner Armstrong Ruckman.


Moved to Topeka, Kansas.


Enrolled in Citizen's Military Training Camp.


Graduated from high school and enrolled in Kansas State College in Manhattan, KS.


Joined ROTC.


Married Janie Bess May in March.

Graduated from University of Alabama.

Began active duty in the Army.


His first child, Diana, was born on June 27.

Sent to the Philippenes then Japan by the Army.


Released from the Army


Made a profession of faith on the 14th of March.

Enrolled in Bob Jones University in the fall.


Ordained into the ministry in a Southern Baptist church.


Graduated from Bob Jones University with M.A. and Ph.D. degree.

Began full-time interdenominational evangelism.*


Began to teach that salvation was by works during the great tribulation.


Began television ministry.


Began “filling the pulpit” at Brent Baptist Church in Pensacola, FL.


Ended full-time interdenominational evangelism.*

Pastored a small church from August to October that his converts had started in a funeral parlor following the great revival.

Became pastor of Brent Baptist Church in Pensacola, FL*

Wrote The Christian’s Handbook of Manuscript Evidence, which remained unpublished until 1970.


His first wife divorced him.


Started Pensacola Bible Institute.

Bible Babel, his first book on Bible versions was published.


His mother and father and sister all died within three months of each other.


Began publishing Bible commentary series.*


Published his landmark book The Christian’s Handbook of Manuscript Evidence which taught openly and boldly that the KJV contained advanced revelations, that it was superior to the Greek, etc.


Married Sherry Ruben, divorced wife of one his former students at PBI.

Submitted resignation to Brent Baptist Church after a third of the congregation voted against him, but gave them two years to get the work on its feet.


Started Bible Baptist Church in Pensacola, FL after having "picked up 75 people."

Based on an idea shared with him by Herb Evans, he began to teach that 2 Timothy 3:16 was not a reference to the original manuscripts.


First issue of Bible Believers' Bulletin published.


His second wife divorced him.


Married for third time to Pamela Irene Huggins, a member of his church who is 27 years younger.

Guessed that the rapture would occur between the 14th of May and the 20th of June of 1989.


Published the Ruckman Reference Bible.


Do you have suggestions for events to add to this timeline? Feel free to comment below. Please include a source for all suggestions.

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  1. Mike Smith says:

    Wow…this puts things in perspective. His third wife was approx. 41? I have some thoughts on that.

  2. Visitor says:

    Yes mr. Smith he is a sinner and we will meet you and your roosters at the judgement seat of Christ

    • Rev. Ken Huffman says:

      It seems that Visitor (Ruckmanite) would like us not to Test the Doctrines, Personal Beliefs and Personal Life of Mr. Ruckman as Moses, Christ and Paul admonish us to. We simply must wash it under the blood and deem him Qualified, Certified and Rectified. Well Visitor…..that is not Biblical Christianity….that is your excuse for following a deceiver. You must think we should all just walk about with our eyes closed and without Beraean 20/20 Vision or proper vetting of whom we deep honest and qualified Ministers, Pastors, Preachers, Evangelists and Educators. Truly, he is the blind leading the blind.

      Rev. Ken Huffman

      “Test everything and remain steadfast in those things which are True”

  3. Stephen Ray says:

    Where did you get the info that Ruckman wrote The Christian’s Handbook of Manuscript Evidence in 1960 and waited to publish it until 1970?

    thanks, Stephen

    • Webmaster says:

      “…The Christian’s Handbook of Manuscript Evidence was all about. It was written back in 1960 from material in the 1950’s.” Bible Believers’ Bulletin, July 1989, p. 15. The Christian’s Handbook of Manuscript Evidence has a copyright date of 1970.

  4. Visitor says:

    If Ruckman prophesied publicly that the rapture would occur on a date that it did not, or a time frame that it did not, counting it as more than a guess, then that makes him a false prophet, doesn’t it ?

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