Dr. Ruckman against himself or Do as I say, not as I do!

All statements on the tables are direct quotes from the writings of Dr. Peter Ruckman, except where brackets are used to explain the context. Some statements come from his writings in the 1960’s or 1970’s to demonstrate how he has changed positions.

Some would probably say in Ruckman’s defense that it would be impossible for anyone to write about 30,000 pages and not change one’s views on some things or contradict one’s self a few times. While there is some truth to that statement, one should consider just how often Ruckman has contradicted himself, and how vicious he is towards those who hold a view he once held or on which he has contradicted himself. Ruckman also tries to come across as if he has never changed, as demonstrated in the following quote from an article that covered several issues: “Today, my position is exactly as it was in 1949, 1959, 1969, 1979, 1989, 1999, and 2007.” (Bible Believers' Bulletin Feb. 2007, p. 14)





Compare this… to this
Any Christian is a fool who wastes any amount of time attacking another brother as a “hypocrite”[1] I flushed those cheap, doubletongued, two-faced, lying hypocrites…[2]
Compare this… to this
We have never ‘downed’ everyone who "disagreed with us." That is slander.[3] Blast the dirty, rotten, wicked, sinful, godless, little “godly” men[4]
Compare this… to this
Belief is the opposite of works (Romans 4:5), and believing is what you do when you don’t work (Romans 4:5).[5] Bible blockheads like John R. Rice and Curtis Hutson to presume that OT salvation was the same as NT salvation. It is if you are deaf, dumb, and blind.[6]
Compare this… to this
We should not be bragging about our work and bragging about our consecration and bragging about our dedication.[7] Five earned degrees, with 120 books authored, and handling a curriculum of 22 subjects (by myself).[8]
Compare this… to this
We are to love the brethren.[9] I goad them. I irritate them. I throw rocks at them. I upset and antagonize them. I ridicule them, and then I fill their hides with buckshot.[10]
Compare this… to this
Wasting time with Greek and Hebrew never did anything for a Bible believer but make an infidel out of him.[11] With an occasional minor help in Hebrew and Greek we can find the full, rich, truths of the plain English even easier.[12]
Compare this… to this
…the Authorized Text, inspired and preserved by the Holy Spirit.
[13] I teach that the AV was “given” to us “by inspiration”[14]
We do not refer to the AV as the “verbally inspired, inerrant Word of God”…that has been our position, and will be our position until hell freezes over.
[15] "I've never said that the King James Bible was Inspired, although I've broadly intimated it sometimes."[16]
Compare this… to this
If he is of another language, he may settle for what the scholars call “a reliable translation.”[17] A “reliable translation” believer…are not Bible believers.
[18] The expression “reliable” on a translation means that you can trust the official Roman Catholic Bibles of the Roman Catholic Church.[19]
Compare this… to this
Ruckman never “hypothesizes” about anything.[20] [See Ruckman’s writings about a ten foot-tall Antichrist with a bad right arm and a bad right eye that will land in St. Peter’s square in a 600 feet in diameter by 60 feet thick flying saucer, who will implant the mark with his huge black lips.][21]
Compare this… to this
superstitious idiots[22] Words that will damn the human race are as follows: sex, hex, pox, vex, hoax, jinx, tax, marx, etc. The two latest are “Xerox” and “Fax,” although you will have to admit that Felix, Sphinx, Lynx, Styx, and Rex are very appropriate since the Son of Perdition is a King likened to a cat (vs. 2). “Alsorans” are Ax (Rev. 20:4), Ox (Ex. 32), Lux (Isa. 14:12), Vox (Rev. 13:5), X-mas, and “Malcom X.” “X” marks the spot.[23]
Compare this… to this
[Complains about] Christians at each others throats”[24] I have known scores of saved reprobates, like [name of Christian withheld], who not only steal, but lie, extort, defraud, rape, kill, gamble, embezzle, swindle, cheat, commit pedastry, and homosexuality.[25]
Compare this… to this
The question therefore is the question of a bigoted hypocrite, with his mind already made up. It is like the saying “I’ve got my mind made up; don’t confuse me with a lot of facts.”[26] [I wouldn’t believe in a Jesus-era Septuagint even] if a thousand pieces of papyrus were recovered with the Old Testament Greek written before 100 B.C.[27]
Compare this… to this
I never misrepresented Custer, Jones, Hutson, or Rice a day in my life, and am not misrepresenting them now.[28] What you have here is one boat load of hyper selfinflated false prophets (as “chocked full” of godless depravity as any pragmatic humanist who “used” something in which he didn’t believe to satisfy what his FLESH wanted: in this case, religious flesh—Bob Jones III … John R. Rice … Curtis Hutson … Custer…[29]
Compare this… to this
Less than one-tenth of the world’s population is English.[30] [the KJV]…converted the whole world into an English-speaking world.[31]
Compare this… to this
Verbal inspiration has to do with 2 Tim 3:16 and deals with the original autographs, as we all know.[32] The greatest heresy, then, being taught in the Laodicean church is that 2 Timothy 3:16 refers to the original manuscripts only. This heretical and apostate teaching…there is not one fundamentalist who ever lived that could tell the truth about 2 Timothy 3:16.[33]
Compare this… to this
“Ruckman” has just recommended a dozen students to go there (1970-1975) [BJU][34] I saw these teachers [at BJU, early 1950’s]—every one of them, there wasn’t one exception in five years—attack one Book.[35]
Compare this… to this
Although Adam had no blood, as such, when he was created, he had a circulatory system of water with was changed to blood orally by the forbidden fruit. We pointed out the documented, scriptural evidence for such a belief[36] chances are it was a water circulatory system.[37]
Compare this… to this
I have never suggested to Arlin Horton that he conduct his school in any other fashion than he conducts it…I mind my own business.[38] I gave these orders to PCC’s “seminary” more than 18 years before Horton did what I told him to do, and then pretended that it was his idea.[39]
Compare this… to this
Charles Haddon Spurgeon preached from an RV (Wescott and Hort, 1884) on the eighth of February, 1891, and told his listeners that translations are not inspired…[40] Spurgeon said that God wrote the King James Bible, that it was inspired, that it was infallible, that it had the breath of God upon it…[41]
Compare this… to this
Bible believers still have the authoritative text. …the Greek text… …the Greek text… …the Greek text… …the Greek text…[42] “THE GREEK” is a Satanic expedient used by all professional liars to INTIMATE that they have the original text, when they do not.[43]
Compare this… to this
Intolerance hasn’t been one of my sins. I tolerate what most of the brethren would find unpardonable.[44] The pious garbage that drools out of apostate Fundamentalists like … et al., and the Scholars’ Union is a white-washed veneer for raving, slobbering, destructive egotism.[45]
Compare this… to this
…if God has called you to start a church, make sure it is at least fifty miles from the one you left.[46] I picked up seventy-five people and started the “Bible Baptist Church”[47]


In spite of overwhelming evidence of systematic hypocrisy gleaned from his own admissions and comparisons of his writings, Ruckman feels qualified to lecture others on religious hypocrisy. Ruckman needs to be reminded that he has written the following:

"Shut your mouth if you’re doing something you just condemned." (Ruckman, Peter. The Books of 1 & 2 Thessalonians and Philemon. 2005, p. 62)

Ruckman lecturing others on hypocrisy:




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  1. Mike says:

    Straight from the horses mouth, eh? I’m weary of an ethics and morals system that can speak comfortably from both sides of the mouth.

  2. PCC Student says:

    Could you do an article relating to Dr. Ruckman’s positions of the Christian Schools he talks about and his relationship with them? I am a student at PCC and I have heard many different “stories” from other students here about Dr. Ruckman and his involvement with the Christian colleges around here. It would be nice to read an article based on sound information instead of hearsay. Thank you for making this website. I have seen the ruckmanites preaching on street corners and heard many rumors about their beliefs, but this website (combined with reading from some pro Ruckman sites) helped me to get a better understanding of the beliefs they hold to. Thank you for using scripture to correct Dr. Ruckman’s doctrinal errors. Nothing shows the error of a mans ways more than the Bible.

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