Ruckman’s May 2008 Bulletin states God has revealed things to the body of Christ via Ruckman

You and your friends are so filled with “Ruckmanitis” that you are so blind to the truth that God has revealed to the Body of Christ via Dr. Ruckman. …4) Reject dozens of Bible truths that God has revealed to Dr. Ruckman with the result being that they stay thirty years behind the Body of Christ and never catch up. (Waddle, Tom. The Source Bible Believers’ Bulletin. May 2008, p. 17)


Webmaster’s comment:

The article does go on to say that Ruckman got his revelation from a source that was "hidden" to everyone else because they had (supposedly) rejected it—the KJV 1611.
Although the above claims of revelation to the body of Christ via Ruckman were not written by Ruckman himself (although it appears in his Bulletin), he has made similar claims in the past. He claims to have come up with over 100 “new teachings.” (The Alexandrian Cult. Part Eight, 1981, p. 28). Beware of this false prophet!


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3 Responses to Ruckman’s May 2008 Bulletin states God has revealed things to the body of Christ via Ruckman

  1. Anonymous says:

    “Beware of this man.”


  2. Dispensationalist says:

    Wait, some of his followers think he is some sort of prophet?
    Unbelivable !
    This is how the campbellites, the mormons, the adventists, the christian science, the christadelphians, the bible students/jehovah’s witnesses, islam (and buddism too) and others got started…one person rediscovering some long-forgotten truth all by himself…and Ruckman sure has some unique teachings, not just about the kjv…just like those old false-prophets…
    Great website, Amen to it.

  3. Dispensationalist says:

    Forgot to mention:
    Ruckman is at his third wife, huh? His third wife since he has been (hopefully) saved , right?
    Charles Taze Russel had a similar problem. Fascinating history. The things that his ex wife had to say about him (Russel), and what Russel would say in order to defend his name…
    I wonder what Ruckman has to say about his ex wifes…

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