Links to other sites warning about Ruckmanism



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3 Responses to Links to other sites warning about Ruckmanism

  1. Visitor says:

    Hot Dog Hymers!
    You Ole RASCAL you!

    There isn’t enough MUSTARD in the UNIVERSE to cover Hot Dog Hymers!, lol

  2. Webmaster says:

    I only approved this comment to show that often Ruckmanites instead of dealing with documentation as in Dr. Hymer's book, simply brush it off mimicking Ruckman's name calling and insults.

  3. David Bigham says:

    I am thankful for all of your Imfo on the Doc. A very good read indeed! He is alike to Dr Gene Scott ,who fooled me for years.[until his marrage to a pornstar} THE TALK IS THE SAME.very gifted men high IQs
    but off center. I feel that I was set up by the ASSEM OF God church and C.I.Schfield bible when I was little.

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